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Find auto parts from
“License plate” and “VIN number”

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100% Japan Quality only sells items from Japan. Our experienced mechanics will check your itmes before shipping.


Cheapest auto parts
We don’t have any third parties/agencies, so we can supply auto parts reasonably.


Largest auto parts storage
Everything is in our storage. Fresh auto parts are arriving everyday.


Easy Shopping
You can search auto parts from Models, License plate and VIN number. Try easy and safe shopping with us.


Worldwide free shipping
Delivery between Japan and NZ just takes 2 weeks. Items are all “Door to door”.

Used car parts from Japan to NZ

New Zealand started importing automotives from Japan more than 30 years ago. After that, over 100,000 used cars are exported from Japan to New Zealand every year, but not enough spare parts…

There are mostly 2 ways to get spare parts. One is buying expensive brand new auto parts from a supplier. The other one is grabing worn out auto parts from over-running vehicles. What if you can get reasonable auto parts directly from Japan? delivers good quality auto parts to everywhere in NZ. Since 2012, we have been sending auto parts to New Zealand and other countries.

Any itmes are
“Worldwide Free Shipping”

Let’s feel Japan closer.
Don’t hesitate to import auto parts directly.


The most popular items for NZ market

Tap the items below to see our vast selection. #Easy shopping

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Step 1
You can search auto parts from manufactures and models.

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Step 2
After you select the model, please find auto parts by “Keyword search” or “Portrait”.

Find auto parts from
“License plate” and “VIN number”

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If you are not sure the detail of your car, “License plate search” is available!

*”License plate/VIN” search is for NZ members only*

Delivery schedule for Auckland,
Wellington and Christchurch


Eg. Delivery from Tokyo to Auckland, NZ
EMS (Express Mail Service) takes 8-10 days.

Eg. Delivery from Tokyo to Wellington, NZ
EMS (Express Mail Service) takes 8-10 days + 2-3 business days for other areas.

Eg. Delivery from Nagoya to Christchurch, NZ
EMS (Express Mail Service) takes 8-10 days.

**Delivery information during Covid-19 pandemic**


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